First Strike Portfolio Trade Actions to take MONDAY June 17, 2019

The First Strike Portfolio rotation is today.

On Friday June 14, 2019 the Protective Trailing Stop was triggered on Lam Research Corp (LRCX). At that time, we liquidated the position.

This rotation includes the following equity and options position(s) that were included in the previous rotation with adjusted Protective Stop Loss and Profit Objectives. Do not liquidate the position(s). Simply, adjust the percentage (if necessary) to 25% so as to match the other positions in the current rotation.

ADBE: +25% Allocation | $257.05 Protective Stop Loss | $307.19 Profit Objective
CELG: +25% Allocation | $87.63 Protective Stop Loss | $108.09 Profit Objective
FB: +25% Allocation | $164.02 Protective Stop Loss | $203.09 Profit Objective

ADBE – 20SEP $300 Strike Price CALL (Expires September 20, 2019)
18OCT $97.5 Strike Price CALL (Expires October 18, 2019)
FB – 
20SEP $180 Strike Price CALL (Expires September 20, 2019)

Please initiate the following Equity and Options position(s) (BUY TO OPEN Options contracts if you trade options) within the first 45 minutes of the trading session.

SNPS: +25% Allocation | $113.79 Protective Stop Loss | $139.78 Profit Objective

SNPS: 20SEP $125 Strike Price CALL (Expires September 20, 2019)

If this is your first rotation – if you are initiating positions for the first time ever – then initiate all 4 positions.

We will update you after the close in the Members Area Daily Update.

All The Best,

Roger Scott