Hey guys, Welcome to your Money Link weekly review.

There’s no sugar coating it, it's been a rough time for the Money Link strategyas is having this long/short portfolio in this uber bullish market.

So, let's take a look at the Money Links we still have on...


This link has come in greatly, I’m still bullish on U.S. banks, as rates are still high and going higher. Specifically, in the U.S. banks, we need to see this Money Link start to move in early December. I expect HSBC could have some trouble looming on the horizon.


This link is painful, no doubt, but I see a sell-off looming in LVSwhich could save the day. The link is bottoming out here, and if I weren’t already in this link, I’d be recommending it as a new one todaywhich is always the key sign.


This link has gotten off to a great start, and though the Nasdaq is quite strong still, ARKK is really looking bearish and the puts are performing nicely.