Momentum Factor System Trade Actions to take FRIDAY November 15, 2019

The Momentum Factor System rotation is today.

This rotation includes equity position(s) that were included in the previous rotation. Do not liquidate the positions. Simply, adjust your share size (as necessary) on the position(s) that we’re including in this rotation. If you are not already in these positions, please initiate new positions.

We are allocating the portfolio as follows:

30% in QCOM
30% in STX
30% in URI
10% in TMF

For maximum liquidity, we will LIQUIDATE positions (SELL TO CLOSE Options contracts) between the current mid price and bid price and INITIATE any new positions (BUY TO OPEN Options contracts) between the current mid price and ask price within the last 20 minutes of the trading session. We will update you after the close in the Members Area Daily Update.

Option Traders – the following (regular monthly) options meet our criteria:

30% in QCOM17Jan $92.5 Strike Price CALL (Expires January 17, 2020)
30% in STX17Jan $57.5 Strike Price CALL ( Expires January 17, 2020 )
30% in URI17Jan $155 Strike Price CALL ( Expires January 17, 2020 )
10% in TMF21FEB $30 Strike Price CALL (Expires February 21, 2020)

All the best,
Roger Scott.