12/30/2016Liquidation alert – Filled at .35 near 9am central time. Expiration Dec 30Close out SVXY – Expiration today.Buy 92Sell 96.35 or lower today only. Update 1 – change price to $.85 let work GTC –  Filled at $.85 December 28, 2016New OrderBear Call Spread SPY  TickerJan 11, 2017 ExpirationSell 226 CallBuy 228 Call$1.00 or higher credit to open today only Liquidation Alert – Dec 27, 2016 Liquidate SPY ETF Expiration Dec 28 –  Partial Fill at $.59,$.60 and .$40 –  average $.50Place Open Order to Liquidate SpreadBuy 226 Call Sell 228 Call .60 or lower GTCUpdate – Dec 27, 2016Filled on TLT Rollover to Jan 6 at 1.95Leave the credit side working GTC till we get filled or till I tell you to cancel it….we have not been filled on the credit side yet. Update – Change price on Dec. 23 to 1.85 and leave Jan 6 side alone – Filled On Debit Side at 1.85December 20, 2016Roll Over For TLTExpiration Dec. 23Buy 120 Put Sell 117.50 Put Net Debit 1.80 To Buy Side …changed to 1.85 and filled at 1.85Roll Into Jan 6 Expiration Sell 120 Put Buy 117 Put $1.95 Credit To Sell Side To Open – Filled On Dec 27 at 1.95December 20, 2016New OrderAMZN Bear Call SpreadExpiration Dec. 30Short 790 CallLong 792.50 CallCredit .60 or higher for today only. December 16, 2016New OrderTSLA – Filled at $.52Expiration Jan. 6Sell 212.50 CallBuy 215 CallCredit of $.50 or higher…leave open as GTC order till I tell you to cancel it.December 16, 2016Let’s try to roll the SVXY once againBuy 88 CallSell 90 Call$1.50 or better debit – Adjust price to $1.65 – we had several traders filled at $1.64 to $1.65Filled at $1.64 Enter Dec. 30, 2016Sell 92 – CallBuy 96 – Call$1.75 or higher credit$1.76 Filled Substitute 92 Dec 30th..strike price instead of 93 strike priceLeave everything same! December 15, 2016Roll SVXY position out – This is a liquidationDec 16 expirationBuy 88 CallSell 90 CallNet Debit 1.10 Roll to Dec 30, 2016 – this is new position SVXYSell 93 Strike Price Call – change to 92 strike priceBuy 96 Strike Price CallNet Credit 1.45  December 13, 2016 New OrderLeave open till tomorrow end of dayTSLAExpiration December 30, 2016Sell 212.50 CallBuy 215 CallNet Premium $.50 or higherDecember 9, 2016 SPY ETF Bear Call Spread – Filled at .75Expiration Dec. 28Sell 226 CallBuy 228 Call.65 or better today only December 8, 2016 Rolling over December 9 Bull put spread to December 23 – Filled at .90TLT – Buy at debit to closeExpiration 9 of DecemberBuy 120 PutSell 117.50 Put$.95 or lower to close TLT – Sell at Credit – Filled at 1.20 Expiration Dec. 23 Sell 120 PutBuy 117.50 Put$1.20 or higher to openDecember 7, 2016The AMZN bull put spread from yesterday is getting filled today…average price is .75—————-bull put spreadAMZNExpiration Dec. 16Sell 735 putBuy 730 put.75 or better till I tell you to cancel it——————————December 6, 2016 Update 3 – Bonus Trade – We are holding volatility that expires this month and I believe we will see a break in the stock market before the end of the week. So I’m willing to hold the trade at this time, since the stock market is becoming overbought. If you did not initiate the volatility spread that we are holding or if you want to increase your risk slightly…there’s a good opportunity at this time. We cannot fit it into the program since it would create too much exposure…so it will be our bonus trade. This trade will not go into the portfolio. SVXYDec. 16 ExpirationSell 92.50 CallBuy 95 Call.85 or better today only FYI Fills are coming in right way between .86 and .88 Update 2 – Place order to enter new spreadbull put spreadAMZNExpiration Dec. 16Sell 735 putBuy 730 put.75 or better till I tell you to cancel it Update – I am looking to liquidate the Dec. 9 expiration put and roll it into Dec. 16 put when price rises a bit more.  Enter new bear call spread on AMZNDecember 16 expirationSell 795 CallBuy 800 Call.55 or higher to open for credit leave open till filled or till I tell you to cancel it. – Filled at .62 relatively quickly….highest was .65

December 1, 2016

I wanted to give you a quick position update. As most of you know I was anticipating volatility to pick up and for the stock market to begin trading lower…which benefits our SVXY position.

The issue at this time is the energy sector…it’s distorting the Dow Jones and the NYSE and causing the blue chips to trade higher…but if you look at the trading action, you will see that it’s limited to energies mostly.

As soon as energy stocks give out…the Dow and NYSE will turn lower along with the rest of the market and that should cause bonds to begin trading higher, this will cause TLT to rise.

I also believe we will see a bounce in the tech sector, since there’s too much imbalance between the blue chips and techs at this time…also caused by strong spike in energy stocks.

I will update you after the close as usual.


November 29, 2016

Filled On AMZN spread at .75 – order from yesterday.

November 28, 2016

New Order

Expiration December 9

Ticker AMZN

Sell 735 Put

Buy 730 Put

At .75 Credit or Higher…GTC till I tell you to cancel it or till we are filled.

November 22, 2016

Rolling TLT out few weeks if you did not enter the original position…feel free to enter the new order on it’s own. If you entered the previous order…you may want to wait till the first one is filled before filling the second order.

Closing Old Position – Filled at .19 …lowest so far is .12

Ticker TLT

Buy 120 Put

Sell 118 Put

Expiration Nov 25

Debit of .22 or lower for today only.

New Order – close previous one first if you are in it.

Dec 9 Expiration

TLT ticker

Expiration Dec 9

Sell 120 put

Buy 117.50 put

Credit of .60 or higher – .63 almost instantly …highest so far is .71

November 18, 2016

New Order – filled at .54 – highest is .60 and lowest is .50

Ticker SVXY

Expiration Dec 16




November 14, 2016

Update 1 – Adjust price down to .45 and leave order working GTC –  filled at .45 

Bonds are looking extremely oversold…let’s take a low risk trade where we have potential to make 25 percent return on our risk and margin – double whammy.

Nov 25 expiration



Sell – 120 strike price put

buy 118 strike price put

credit of .50 or better..let the order work till I tell you otherwise. 

November 10, 2016

Tesla along with the rest of the tech sectors is falling apart. It’s not limited to TSLA and it’s broad based. Therefore, I want to wait to see if we can get a bounce out of the market – since markets are trying to find balance.

If we don’t get a pull back towards the close – I may roll into a later strike – which will give us ample premium – in light of the hightened volatility at this time.

I think it’s best to wait for the second half of the session – I will keep you posted.

November 8, 2016

The stock market is continuing it’s gains as expected and I want to start working orders in anticipation of more upside ahead.

This order may work for the next 48 hours and I will let you know when to cancel it…don’t frustrate yourself if you are not filled..these are standing orders in case the market continues to rally.

Sell November 18 EXPIRATION

Ticker – AMZN

Sell call strike price 825

Buy call strike price 830

credit of .70 or better TILL I tell you to cancel it. – cancel order at this time. 

November 7, 2016

I’m interesting in initiating a few bear call spreads – including one on AMZN which would give us a complete Iron condor – but I want to wait for a bit more upside, since there’s a chance of follow through…will keep you updated.

November 4, 2016

New order – bull put spread AMZN – filled very quickly at .47 [highest so far is .48]

Nov 11 Expiration 

sell 720 put

buy 715 put

credit of .45 to open

-1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 11 Nov 16 720/715 Put @$.45 LMT

Update 1 – change price on bear call spread to .40 or higher and let the order work for the next two sessions.

11/1/16 – New Order


Nov 11 Expiration

BEAR CALL SPREAD –  no fill yet






Update – No fill yet on the AMZN bull put spread – premium shrunk over last few hours – cancel order

Keep order working – volatility will move back to the downside over the next few days – I like this trade and there’s plenty of time left so stay with it till I tell you to cancel it.

October 27, 2016  – New Order – bull put spread – be patient and let the order work – 





-1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 04 Nov 16 745/740 Put @$.50 LMT

Update – Liquidate AMZN Iron Condor spread – expires tomorrow

AMZN BULL PUT SPREAD –  Filled at .53

Expiration – October 28th

BUY 760 put

sell 755 put

.55 or lower to buy side


Expiration October 28

Buy 915 Call

Sell 920 Call

.15 debit to lower to buy side buy side

10-27-16 – New order bear call spread – TSLA – Cancel order – no fill. Stock turned around quicker than anticipated. 

Expiration – Nov 4

Sell – 225 call

Buy 230 call

Credit to sell side .40 or higher to open 

-1 VERTICAL TSLA 100 04 Nov 16 230/225 Call @$.40 LMT

10-26-16 – Liquidation – TSLA bull put spread – expiration Oct. 28 – Filled at $.16

buy 175 put

sell 170 put

debit to buy side – .20 or lower

+1 VERTICAL TSLA 100 28 October 16 175/170 Put @$.20 LMT

we are closing existing position – we are NOT OPENING A NEW ONE.

10/24/16 – New Order

NFLX BEAR CALL SPREAD- Nov 4 Expiration – filled at .58 –  highest was .62

Sell – 136 call

buy 140 call

.50 credit to sell side or higher premium 

-1 VERTICAL NFLX 100 4 November 16 140/136 Call @$.50 LMT

Second Order

AMZN BEAR CALL SPREAD –  filled at .35 – just about everyone filled at .35

Expiration October 28

sell 915

buy 920

.35 credit to sell side or higher premium

-1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 28 October 16 920/915 Call @$.35 LMT

10/21/16 – I’m targeting Netflix iron condor spread for November 4th expiration, but I want to give the stock a chance to top out before making my move. I believe we are fairly close to topping out on the upside – but want to see if the price can rally just a few points higher before we leg into the bear call side.

I will update you either later today or Monday if I commit to the position.

10/17/16 – New Order – filled at .95 – highest so far is .97


Expiration – October 28th

sell 760 put

buy 755 put

.65 or higher to open –


-1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 28 October 16 760/755 Put @$.65 LMT

10/14/16 – As we anticipated – the tech sector is coming apart. I’m targeting BIIB bull put spreads for expiration week Oct. 28 and have been patiently waiting for the stock to drop in value.

I’m satisfied with the current price level but there’s little liquidity in the Oct. 28 expiration. I will wait till the second half of the session to see if that has changed. If I feel liquidity is high enough – I will issue an alert.I want to fill the other side of this spread – the bear call spread – but will wait for market to rally a bit – will keep you posted – we have plenty of time till expiration to initiate the other side.10/11/16 -New Order – Filled at .60 at 8;57AM Pacific time.TSLAExpiration – OCT 28BULL PUT SPREADSELL – 175 STRIKE PRICEBUY 170 STRIKE PRICENET CREDIT .60 OR HIGHER TO SELL SIDE-1 VERTICAL TSLA 100 28 October 16 175/170 Put @$.60 LMT

10/10/16New Order – bear call spread – no fill  –  [one trader got filled at .34 and another got partial fill at .31 on 1 out of 10 contracts] will place order again tomorrow if price is within range. ticker – BIIBexpiration – Oct – 21sell – 330 callbuy 335 callcredit to sell side – .30 or higher-1 VERTICAL BIIB 100 21 October 16 335/330 Call @$.30 LMT– Note – will seek bull put spread opportunity over next few days.Update – Filled on bull put spread at .31 – Filled on bear call spread at .30 10 – 5 -16 [each order is independent from the other] go ahead and enter separately and we will adjust side that doesn’t get filled. – we want to get minimum of .30 from each side.

New order –

Ticker symbol –


Expiration – October – 21

Sell 845 strike call

Buy 850 strike call

.30 or higher to open


New Order

Ticker Symbol


Expiration October 21

Sell 765 put

Buy 760 put

.30 or higher to open

Update 2 – Adjust price for new entry [October 21 EXPIRATION – TO 1.20 from 1.50] – filled right away at 1.33 Update 1 – go ahead and raise price to 2.20 – we are getting reports of fills back between 2.01 and 2.15 right now – filled at 2.04 9/30/16 – AMZN is not breaking yesterday’s low and I don’t want to hold premium through the weekend, since it may decrease. Let’s buy ourselves a little time. Liquidate Order – Only applies to traders who initiated this position [rollover instructions below]October 7th ExpirationBuy 835 AMZN CallSell 840 AMZN Call$2 Dollars To Buy Side+1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 07 October 16 840/835 Call @$2.00 LMT New Order – You can enter this order even if you did not enter the previous one – the one we are exiting.October 21 ExpirationSell AMZN 865 CallBuy AMZN 870 Call$1.50 To Sell Side [will make up difference when we enter bull put spread]-1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 21 October 16 870/865 Call @$1.50 LMT 9/28/16 –  AMZN continues to rally sharply. Because the options don’t expire till next Friday – we have significant advantage. If the stock rallies sharply from this point – the long call will begin increasing in value significantly. If on the other hand – the stock declines from the current price level – the short call will begin to decline in value significantly. If the stock continues moving up at this rate – we will roll up to a higher strike price in 2 days. If the stock peaks out over the next 2 days and begins to move south we will avoid taking action. The key is for price NOT to remain at or near the current price level – as long as it’s moving up or down – it will keep volatility holding and will either inflate the long position or deflate the short position. I will update you after the close as usual. Note – if GDP was not coming out later in the week we would initiate bear call spread on TLT – But risk is too great with GDP on the horizon.9/27/16 – New order – bear call spreadAMZN – RSI is hitting 70 and stock is diverging from the indicator.October 7 expirationsell 835 callbuy 840 callnet credit to sell side – .40 or higher – filled at .59 -1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 7 October 16 840/835 Call @.40 LMT9/22/16 – AMZN broke through resistance – which is good for our put position but negative for the call side. Volatility is high and it’s a good time to leg out of the bear call spread.place following orderbuy 792.50 call – Filled at .74sell 795 – callbuy for debit of .75expiration Sep 23+1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 23 SEPTEMBER 16 792.50/795 Call @.75 LMT Alternative – if you are not getting filled on this trade – go for the 795/800 for credit of .50 someone just got filled at that price while we were placing our order.

9 / 20/ 16 New Order –filled at .38 – [highest so far is .40]bear call spread – filled atamznexpiration sep. 23sell 792.50 callbuy 795 call.25 or better to open to sell side-1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 23 SEPTEMBER 16 792.50/795 Call @.25 LMT

9/19/16 – New Order – adjust price down to .30 leave everything working as is – filled at .32AMZNSEP 23 EXPIRATIONBULL PUT SPREADSELL – 747.50 PutBUY 742.50 –  Put.35 CREDIT OR HIGHER-1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 23 SEPTEMBER 16 747.50/742.50 Put @35 LMT  9/16/16 – New Position – GOOGL – ticker – no fill price did not reach our level. BULL PUT SPREADSELL 772.50 PUTBUY 770 PUTSEP 23 EXPIRATIONto sell side credit of .28 or better [higher]-1 VERTICAL GOOGL 100 23 SEPTEMBER 16 772.50/770 Put @28 LMT

9/14/16 – Liquidation – TSLA – Filled at 1.74 Sep 16 expirationBUY  – 197.50 PUTSELL- 192.50 PUT1.75 OR OR LOWER TO BUY SIDE +1 VERTICAL TSLA 100 16 SEPTEMBER 16 197.50/192.50 Put @1.75 LMT

9/13/16 – New Order filled at .27 [fills are coming in between .25 and .27 so far]SVXY – symbolSep 16 Expirationsell 56 strike price putbuy 54 strike price put.25 or higher credit-1 VERTICAL SVXY 100 16 SEPTEMBER 16 56/54 Put @.25 LMT

9/12/16 – VIX index is below 20 – that means SP options traders are no longer anticipating major selling pressure.


Also look at the relative gain on TSLA in comparison to SPY [ TSLA up almost 2 percent while overall market up .20 percent. New order – AMZN expiration Sep 16 – filled at .29 and the highest thus far is at .44EXPIRATION SEP 16 745 PUT SELL 742.50  PUT BUYcredit .25-1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 16 SEPTEMBER 16 745/742.50 Put @.25 LMT—————— Filled on the July 9th expiration at 3.00Filled on July 16th expiration at 2.40 Update 2 – change price on closing order to 3.00 debit and hold steady [debit] lowest was 2.97change price on new order – expiration 16th of September at 2.25 steady  [credit] – highest was 2.50 UPDATE 1 – we are going to roll the spread out to next week. Two ordersSEP 9 EXPIRATIONTSLA


 +1 VERTICAL TSLA 100 (Weeklys) 9 SEPTEMBER 16 200/195 Put @2.75 LMT 2. sell sep 16 TSLASELL – 197.50 PUTBUY – 192.50 PUT2.00 OR HIGHER TO SELL SIDE -1 VERTICAL TSLA 100 16 SEPTEMBER 16 197.50/192.50 Put @2.00 LMT—————————————–

9/9/16 – Place order to liquidate TSLA spread expiring today. – We want to get out if possible without rolling over and if we don’t accomplish that before the closing bell then we will roll over. You should be able to get a better fill since the options value is decaying in real time today and the stock is holding steady.BUY – 200  STRIKE PUTSELL 195 STRIKE PUT.40 CENTS OR LOWER TO BUY SIDE – DEBIT +1 VERTICAL TSLA 100 (Weeklys) 9 SEPTEMBER 16 200/195 Put @.40 LMT

9/8/16 – No action on TSLA today. Waiting for some buying to come in before end of the week. We may roll out tomorrow before the closing if remains in the money.Update 1 – Change 81 buy strike to 82 buy strike and leave price as is (lowest fill .61 and highest is .82 so far)

9/7/16 – New Order -SVXY Ticker SymbolBear Call SpreadSeptember 16 ExpirationSell 80 CallBuy 81 CallPremium To Sell Side $.45 or Higher-1 VERTICAL SVXY 100 16 SEPTEMBER 16 81/80 Call @.45 LMT Update 1 – I’m committed to trading bear call speads on the SVXY but spreads are wide and far between, for the far out of the money options, so I will wait one more day to see if they tighten a bit…which may happen since traders are still coming into the market after the Holiday weekend.

9/6/16 – New Order – AMZN – Filled at .44 (highest so far is .48 – Broker –  SogoTrade and fills are coming in faster than Optionhouse….feedback from client.) Bear Call SpreadExpiration September 16 (monthly)Sell 810 CallBuy 815 CallCredit To Sell Side $.40 -1 VERTICAL AMZN 100 16 SEPTEMBER 16 815/810 Call @.40 LMT

9/2/16 – TSLA is breaking lower and now entering 8th day of selling pressure. Typically parabolic downside movement peaks out in 10 days or less, which means the stock is getting a bit below fair value. RSI is extremely low and the most likely scenario is a pullback next week once institutional activity begins coming into the market.We take no action today! SVXY is expiring today and I will update you on Monday.

9/1/16 – TSLA is moving rapidly lower, but technically nothing has changed and there’s no fundamentals at this time that are inconsistent with price. Therefore we continue holding the position as the likely hood of a pullback to the upside before expiration is likely.

Roger Scott Head Trader WealthPress