December 22, 2017

I’m letting AMZN put expire and will take delivery of shares – I believe AMZN will rally over next few sessions strongly. Both options were in the money – so they cancelled each other out.

I’m going to have another bull put spread on AMZN early next week to capture more premium back.

December 19, 2017 Filled at .72 debit on spread in one shot – lower than .75

Let’s roll SVXY

If you are not in the liquidating the old spread – you can initiate the new spread on it’s own.

Liquidate the following Dec 22 expiration bear call spread Buy 115 call Sell 118 call

Liquidate at $2.75 or lower – keep in mind biggest loss is $3.00 since position is hedged and both sides are in the money.

Initiate New spread 1/19/18 expiration sell 127 call Buy 130 call $2.00 or higher

I want to turn this spread into an iron condor and pick up another $1.50 from the put side. But I want to wait for price to decline before doing so.

December 18, 2017 – Filled at $.41

Let’s turn AMZN into iron condor spread

Expiration December 22, 2017 Sell 1172.50 Put Buy 1170 Put $.35 or higher GTC

December 12, 2017 – Filled at $.50

New Bear Call Spread

AMZN Dec 22, 2017 expiration Bear Call Spread sell 1197.50 call buy 1200 call $.30 net credit from sale will turn into iron condor IF price declines next few days.

December 7, 2017 – Filled at $.37

We intend for the 15th bull put spread to expire worthless and will create iron condor out of 22nd expiration LRCX.

The plan is to enter bull put spread that expires on 22nd…sometimes next week.

LRCX bear call spread

Expiration -22 December 17 Sell 202.50 Call Buy 205 Call

Net credit $.30 or higher GTC

December 4, 2017 – Closed old spread at $.31 debit. 

Opened new position at $1.98 Credit. 

Roll over SVXY bear call spread

Liquidate current bear call spread only …leave bull put spread alone.

SVXY December 8, 2017 expiration

Buy 105 Call

Sell 108 Call

$2.50 or lower

Enter New Bear Call Spread

Expiration December 22, 2017

Sell 115 Call

Buy 118 Call

$1.75 or higher to open.

Leave bull put spread alone…will likely expire worthless.

You can liquidate the spread by rolling out of the old one and into the new one as one trade.

Debit of .75 max for entire spread. 

I plan to initiate bull put spread as well to offset some of the downside, after the current bull put spread expires on Friday.


November 29, 2017 – Filled at $.48

New bull put spread alert

NASDAQ is selling off a bit too much and I want to take advantage of the short term corrective pressure.

New bull put spread

December 16, 2017 expiration LRCX bull put spread sell 182.50 put buy 180 put $.40 or higher to open GTC

You can go up or down about 5 cents on the price to get filled.

November 17, 2017 Filled at $.30

Enter new bear call spread – GOOGL

Price is overbought at this time…will roll into iron condor when price declines bit more.

Ticker Symbol – GOOGL

Expiration December 1, 2017

Sell 1067.50 Call

Buy 1070 Call

$.30 or higher to open GTC

November 16, 2017

I wanted to thank all of you for the emails that you send us yesterday letting us know that you were filled on the Put side of the SVXY spread.

We contacted the broker this morning and our trade was filled at $1.00 but it was placed into a wrong account –  so we did get filled with the rest of you – again we appreciate the emails that we’ve received.

Will update the open position page shortly.

November 14, 2017 – Filled at $1.00 see above

Let’s turn our SVXY bear call spread into an iron condor spread.

SVXY December 8, 2017 expiration Sell 90 put Buy 85 put $1.00 or greater GTC

November 7, 2017 – Filled at .10 debit – 

Let’s go ahead and roll out the SVXY for a bit more time. The trade will be a scratch and allowed us to stay in the position extra three weeks. I’m going to extend it so we don’t miss the next minor pullback.

Liquidate SVXY Bear call Spread – Expires 11/10/17

Buy 105 Call

Sell 108 Call

$2.05 or lower

Enter New Spread

December 8th expiration

Sell 105 Call

Buy 108 Call


You can leg into the spread or do it in one shot..prices are stable right now.

Give yourself $15 cents wiggle room on either side.


November 1, 2017 – Filled at $.35

The overall stock market is getting a bit ahead of itself. I’m expecting mild pullback to take stocks lower in the near term.

Market internals are overbought and price is diverging from oscillators.

Take following action

AMZN bear call spread Expiration 11.10.17 1142.50 sell call 1145 buy call $.35 or higher to open GTC

October 25, 2017 – Filled at one shot $.59 – I recommend you place the order as one – appears to be easier to get filled on this one. 

New Iron Condor Spread

Earnings on NFLX are behind us and I’m expecting price to remain near current price level over the next few weeks. The stock remains stable and  believe we will see more congestion than downside corrective pressure since it’s not impacted by too many other sectors and volatility levels are not showing major divergence.

NFLX November 17 expiration 210 Sell Call 212.50 Buy Call

NFLX November 17 expiration 180 Put Sell 177.50 Put Buy

Combined for $.50 or higher GTC

October 23, 2017 Filled at .65 debit

Let’s roll part of our SVXY that’s causing us trouble.

We will leave the put side alone – and let it decay for a while longer. 

I plan on turning the new position into an iron condor over the next few sessions – since I’m anticipating downside to begin as volatility begins to increase due to earnings season.

Take the following action

Liquidate current bear call spread


Expiration 10/27

Bear Call Spread Buy 96 Strike Price Call Sell 99 Strike Price Call $2.70 or lower today only.

Roll into the following position:

SVXY 11/10 expiration Bear call spread sell 105 strike price call buy 108 strike price call $2.05 or higher

Keep in mind – we are still collecting the premium from the put side AND intend to turn the new spread into an iron condor in the next few sessions, as the market becomes weaker, so we should make up the premium on the put side.

October 16, 2017 –  Filled at $.25 Let’s turn our TSLA into iron condor spread. Bull Put Spread

Expiration October – 20th. Sell 335 put and buy 332.50 put $.25 or higher to open …today only.

October 11, 2017

Roll over SVXY bear call spread. Let’s buy a bit of time without paying too much out of pocket for the premium.

Roll SVXY existing 10/13 bear call spread into 10/27 iron condor spread.

Take following action:

Roll out of Expiration – 10/13 buy 92 call sell 95 call

$2.75 or lower debit.

Roll Into

expiration 10/27 96 sell call 99 buy call $2.00

sell 91.50 put buy 88 put $.50

To to do together for $2.50 to $2.75 Credit

Try to get the spread between flat and $.30 debit. Will buy us some time without big expense. If you are in 10/20 expiration – go ahead and roll out of your position and into the 10/27 as well.



October 11, 2017 – Filled at $.37

New trade alert – GOOGL bear call spread. If you are holding the GOOGLE bull put spread, this will turn position into iron condor. If you are NOT holding bull put spread, this will be a FREE standing bear call spread – it’s not dependent on the other position.

Expiration 10/20

Ticker GOOGL

Sell 1015 call and buy 1017.50 call

.30 or higher to open GTC.

October 5, 2017 Filled at $.30

Please leave bull put spread order working.

I anticipate turning this into an iron condor when 13th bull put spread expires.

Expiration 10/20/17

Bear Call Spread


Sell 377.50 Call

Buy 380 Call

.28 or higher GTC

October 4, 2017 – Filled at $.37

New GOOGL watchlist alert.

Google appears to be headed back up before earnings on the 26th of the month. I believe price will reach back up and test the high price and that creates opportunity.

Expiration 10/20/17

Bull Put Spread

Sell 930 Put

Buy 927.50 Put

$.35 or higher to open.

If we rise too quickly, I will turn it into an iron condor spread.

October 2, 2017

Filled on TSLA Bull Put Spread from last week.

September 29, – Filled at $.15 on SVXY roll over

Update – Lower Credit to $.15 fills coming in at that price. 

Let’s roll SVXY out vertically…to give us a bit more time. I’m expecting a nice sharp pullback, but not certain it will occur prior to expiration next week.

I want you to roll out of the current position and into the new position at the same time. It will save you spread between bid offer and will get you better price!

New  position – SVXY – Expiration 10/13/17

Sell 92 Call

Buy 95 Call

Old Position

Expiration 10/06/17

Buy 92 Call

Sell 95 Call

Credit of $.30 or higher to sell side….do not go lower than $.20 on the credit.

September 29, – Filled at $.35

TSLA appears to have reached oversold territory once again. I’m looking for minor upside to move into the tech over the near term. New trade opportunity…if stock continues showing upside momentum by next week, we may turn into Iron Condor.

Expiration 10/13/17 Bull Put Spread TSLA sell 312.50 Put buy 310 Put .35 or higher to open GTC

September 20, 2017 –  Filled at $.69

I want to take advantage of the current stagnate market cycle – that I believe will persist. AMZN doesn’t appear to have to much directional bias and I believe it will remain range bound over the next few weeks.

It’s iron condor spread time.

Ticker Symbol – AMZN 10/6/17  = expiration sell 922.50 put Buy 920 put

Sell 1000 Call Buy 1002.50 Call

Total credit of $.55 or higher to open GTC.

Try to fill as one trade for less slippage.

.55 entire spread as one trade.

September 18, 2017  – Filled at $.02 debit 

I believe volatility is going to increase, but we are running out of time. I don’t want to have our back against the wall – while premium decays.

Let’s buy a little bit more time and give ourselves the same upside potential.

Roll over existing SVXY position: New Position 10/6/17 expiration

sell 92 strike price call buy 95 strike price call $1.10 or higher to open

Liquidate Existing Position at $1.10 or better Consider rolling doing the spread at par as one trade.

SVXY Expiration 9/22/17

Buy 86 Call Sell 88 Call $1.10 or lower

You can go debit no more than $.10 cents if price if off.

September 15, 2017 – Filled at .35

New trade idea. TSLA appears to be overbought and reaching for resistance levels. RSI is beginning to show signs of overbought activity.

Place following order

Expiration 9.22.17


Sell 395 Call

Buy 397.50 Call

$.27 or higher to open GTC

September 12, 2017 – Filled at $.41

The SPY is reaching short term overbought price levels once again. Moreover, we are seeing divergence between the 10 day RSI oscillator and the price of the SPY, which tell me that stocks are getting a bit ahead of themselves.

I expect mild correction next few sessions.

Symbol SVXY Expiration 9/22 Sell 86 call Buy 88 Call $.40 or higher to open GTC

Sep 5, 2017 –New Spread Filled at $.31

Modify Google bull put spread order from last week [August 29th order]

Cancel following order

Ticker – GOOGL Expiration – 9/15/17

Sell – 902.50 Put Buy 900 Put $.30 or higher GTC

and enter new order below

Sell 912.50 Put Buy 910 Put Expiration 9/15/17

$.28 or higher to open GTC –  Filled at $.30

August 30, 2017 –  Filled at $.28

Let’s turn our existing AMZN bull put spread into an iron condor spread.

AMZN bear call spread expiration September 8, 2017 sell 990 call buy 992.50 call .25 or higher to open GTC

August 29, 2017 New bull put spread – Modify Order  – See Sep 5 above

Google is reaching medium term support level and I believe price is near the swing low for the short term period.

Ticker – GOOGL Expiration – 9/15/17

Sell – 902.50 Put Buy 900 Put $.30 or higher GTC


August 25, 2017 –  Filled at $.52

New bull put spread. Amazon is moving towards oversold price level and diverging from the 10 day RSI. I’m not anticipating too much additional upside, unless something unforeseeable occurs and plan on turning the spread into an iron condor over the next few days.

AMZN expiration 9/08/17 bull put spread

sell 925 put buy 922.50 put $.50 or higher GTC

August 22, 2017

New Position Alert –  Filled at $.42

Lets turn our TSLA into an iron condor spread. If you don’t have the bear call side – feel free to initiate this side only.

Bull put spread

Symbol TSLA

Sep 8 expiration Bull Put Spread 317.50 Sell Put 315 Buy put Credit of $.35 or higher to open GTC

August 17, 2017

Don’t want to overstay our welcome – and FED data may cause rally tomorrow – this way we avoid exercise and take majority of profit off the table.

Liquidate SPY Bear Call Spread – Filled at $.14

Expiration Tomorrow – 7.18.17 Buy 246 Call Sell 248 Call

$.20 or lower debit to close

August 15, 2017

New order alert

Bear Call Spread Symbol – TSLA Expiration September 8, 2017 Sell 397.50 Call Buy 400 Call $.33 or higher GTC

Filled at $.33

August 9, 2017

AMZN Iron Condor –  Filled at $.61

Bull put spread Expiration – August 18, 2017 Sell put 947.50 Buy put – 945.00 $.30 or higher GTC

Bear Call spread – August 18, 2017 Sell 1017.50 Call Buy 1020 Call $.30

Try to fill entire spread AS ONE TRADE for $.60 or higher GTC.

August 1, 2017

Filled on TLT put spread from yesterday at $.41

July 31, 2017

Ticker Symbol -TLT – Filled at $.41 Bull Put Spread Expiration 8/25/2017

Sell 122 Strike Price Put Buy 120 Strike Price Put $.40 [GTC order]

Analysis – I’m anticipating minor corrective pressure to continue taking stocks lower – which in turn will cause support for the long bond in the next few weeks.

July 24, 2017

SPY –  Filled at $117 bear call spread expiration 8/18/2017 sell – 246 call buy 248 call Credit of $115 or higher

U.S. stock market is overbought and we are anticipating minor selling pressure next few weeks. This should cause decline in value to SPY and benefit our spread. The reward vs. risk is above 50th percentile on this trade.

July 21, 2017

Go ahead and liquidate the TLT Spread expiring today – price for the spread is $.10 cents or less and I expect you to get filled at that price or lower.

Buy 126 Strike Price Call

Sell 128 Strike Price Call

Today’s expiration

$.10 cents or lower

July 19, 2017

Filled at $.25 credit between both spreads.

This trade can be rolled if you currently have SVXY spread that expires on Friday OR can be taken as a new position alone – without the roll if you are entering the position for the first time. 

New Position –  


Expiration 8/18/17

Buy 91 strike call Sell 89 strike call

Credit $1.10 or higher today only.

Liquidate existing spread below


Expiration 7/21/17

86 Strike Call – close out by selling 85 Strike Call – close out by buying back

$.90 or lower today only.

You can spread one against the other for credit of $.20 cents or you can “leg into the spread” one by one.


July 18, 2017

AVGO – Ticker – Filled at .62 Bear Call Spread Sell 260 Call Buy 262.50 Call .40 or better GTC to open

Expiration date 8/11/17

Selection is limited due to earnings on most stocks dominating. The chip sector is overbought once again and I’m looking for minor selling pressure to move in over the next few weeks. I’m also targeting WDAY bear call spread – will update you on those if liquidity picks up.

July 12, 2017

New order Filled at .58 SVXY Expiration July 21 sell 170 strike price Call Buy 172 strike Price Call $.45 or higher GTC

Will turn current spread [see below] into an iron condor spread

July 6, 2017

New order – Filled at $.37 Ticker SVXY Expiration July 21, 2017 Bull Put Spread – I believe volatility will subside next few sessions and we will see a bit of a bounce in SVXY – I’m ready to turn this into a iron condor spread – if that happens. For now let’s stick to one side only Sell 140 Put Buy 138 Put $.35 or higher GTC

June 29 New Order Filled at $46

Ticker – NTES July 21 expiration Sell 282.50 put Buy 280 put Credit of $.45 or greater GTC

June 20,

Filled on trade – placed order as one spread – Filled at .55 debit

Liquidate – June 23, 2017 Expiration TLT – Symbol Bear Call Spread Buy 125 Strike Price Call Sell 127 Strike Price Call 1.50 or lower GTC

New Position TLT bear call spread open new spread Expiration date 7/21/17 Sell 126 call Buy 128 call .95 or higher GTC

Will turn this into an iron condor if price declines a bit over next few sessions.

June 19,

Filled at $1.05 while price of underlying trading at $164.21

If you were NOT filled take price down to $.95 leave it GTC 

New Position Alert SVXY – Expiration July 7, 2017 Sell 166 Stike Price Call Buy 168 Strike Price Call $1.05 or better to open GTC

June 15, 2017

Filled at $.77

Change liquidation price on SVXY spread below from $.60 to $.80 Liquidate SVXY Bear Call Spread

Expiration June 16 Buy 155 Call Sell – 157 Call Debit of $.60 or lower today only

June 5, 2017,

New Credit spread –  Filled at $.61 Ticker Symbol – SPY Expiration June 30, 2017 Sell 245 Call Buy 247 Call $.60 or higher credit GTC

May 26, 2017

New Iron Condor Spread

Ticker Symbol CHTR – Filled at $.55

Expiration Date – June 23, 2017

Sell 360.00 Call Buy 362.50 Call

Sell 305 Put Buy 302.50 put

$.55 or higher credit to open GTC

May 25, 2017

Liquidate AMZN Bear Call Spread – I want to wait for price to rally a bit more before rolling it into another month.

Expiration May 26, 2017

AMZN – Filled at $1.96

Buy 980 Call Sell 982.50 Call

$2.00 or lower Day Only

May 22, 2017

Cancel GOOGL Iron Condor Spread – placed 8th of May

May 18, 2017

New Order Expiration 6/23/17

TLT – Ticker Symbol – Filed at $.47

Sell 125 Call Buy 127 Call

$.47 or higher GTC

Profit potential close to 25%

May 15, 2017

Roll SVXY Call Option –  Got Filled at $.30 debit

Make sure you liquidate the spread

By buying the 153 and selling the 155 – the opposite of how we entered the trade.

Expiration May 19th

Sell 155 Call Buy 153 Call $1.50 or Lower

Enter New Credit Spread Expiration June 16, 2017

Sell 155 Call Buy 157 Call $1.20 Or Higher

May 9, 2017

Filled on AMZN at $.65 see below for details on strike prices, etc. 

May 8, 2017 – Cancel Google Spread

New Order

Googl – iron  condor expiration 6/09/17 995.00 Sell Call 997.50 Buy Call

905 Sell Put 902.50 Buy Put

.55 or higher GTC Enter as one order

Modify existing AMZN order below:

New order


Expiration – May 26

Sell 980 Call Buy 982.50 Call

Sell 890 Put Buy 887.50 Put

Enter as one spread

Net Credit – $.65 or greater GTC –  Filled at .65


May 3, 2017

New Iron Conor Spread Modify Order – see above


Place all sides together as one order

Expiration May 19

Sell 970 Call

Buy 972.50 Call

Sell 890 Put

Buy 887.50

Net Credit $.60 or higher GTC


April 27, 2017

Modify SVXY bear call spread – Filled at $.68 Change Price Down from $.70 – to $.60

Rest of order below:

SVXY – Symbol

May 19, 2017 expiration Sell 153 Call Buy 155 Call

April 25, 2017

New Order

SVXY – Symbol

May 19, 2017 expiration Sell 153 Call Buy 155 Call $.70 or better to open GTC

April 24, 2017

Liquidation Order – Adjust price to $1.05 GTC [Filled at $1.05]

Liquidate Google Iron Condor Spread Expiration April 28 Buy 880 Call Sell 882.50 Call

Buy 792.50 Put Sell 790 Put

$.80 or lower GTC

April 17, 2017

New Order

Ticker – TLT – Filled at $.50

Expiration May 19 Bear Call Spread

Sell 125 Call Buy 127 Call $.50 or higher to open GTC

April 12, 2017

New Order Expiration April 21, SVXY Bull Put Spread – will turn existing bear call spread into an iron condor. If you don’t have the call spread – you can still initiate this trade.

Sell 105 Put

Buy 102 Put

$ .40 Credit to Sell Side To Open GTC

April 11, 2017

GOOGL – symbol –  Filled At $69 almost instantly – Fills are coming in between $63 and $70

Expiration April 28th

Iron Condor Spread – Enter as one order

Sell Call Strike Price – 880 Buy Call Strike Price – 882.50

Sell Put Strike Price – 792.50 Buy Put Strike Price – 790

$.65 or better to open GTC to sell side. 

April 4,

Bear Call Spread – Filled at .63 –  Fills are coming in as high as $.67

April 21 expiration PCLN – Ticker Sell 1797.50 – Call Buy 1800 Call $.40 or better to open GTC Will leg into bull put spread if price declines over next few days.

March 29,

Liquidate AMZN Bear Call Spread – I’m going to adjust it once price moves a bit higher and go a bit into the money to squeeze out more premium. But price appears to be rising right now so and may rise a bit more over the next few days, so it’s best to exit the bear call portion of the position.

AMZN –  Filled at $1.55 Expiration April 21 Liquidate Bear Call Spread.

Sell 885 – Call Buy 880 – Call

$1.55 or lower debit to close GTC.


March 29, 2017

New order –  Filled at $.93 expiration – April 21 bear call spread SVXY – Symbol Sell 148 call Buy 150 Call .80 or better to open today only.

March 29, 2017

Cancel NTES Order – Iron Condor Spread

March 27, 2017

Cancel Amzn bear call spread order that was placed on March 23 and place new order below:

New Order – Filled almost instantly at .86

Iron Condor spread

AMZN Expiration April 21

buy 885 – Call sell 880 – Call

Buy 790 Put Sell 795 Put

.80 or higher GTC

March 23, 2017

New Order – Cancel order

Expiration April 21

AMZN Bear Call Spread Sell 877.50 Call Buy 880.00 Call $.65 or higher to open GTC

March 21, 2017

April 21 Expiration –  Cancel Order

New Order NTES –  Iron Condor Spread

Place entire order as one spread 315 Strike Price Call Sell

317.50 Strike Price Call Buy

262.50  Strike Price Put Sell

260 Strike Price Put Buy .70 or higher to open GTC

March 20, 2017

Will have few credit spreads either later today or early tomorrow.

Cancel order below to enter SVXY

April 7 Expiration Sell 136 Call Buy 139 Call 2.25 Or Higher  GTC – 

March 16, 2017

Liquidate 234/238 Bear Call Spread – Filled $3.34

Will roll out into new position either tomorrow or early next week: Expiration March 17 Buy 234 Call Sell 238 Call

$3.75 or lower The max risk if we don’t do anything is $4.00…so don’t be so quick to raise the price higher than $3.75!

The put is out of the money and should expire worthless tomorrow.

Adjust the SVXY order for April down to $2.25 April 7 Expiration Sell 136 Call Buy 139 Call 2.25 Or Higher and leave in system GTC – 

Will either liquidate or roll SPY later today before the closing – stay tuned for instructions. 

March 15, 2017

Clarification – You don’t have to execute both spreads at same time.

You can place order to liquidate the March 17 spread at $2.50 or lower and place GTC order to open the April position GTC on a limit of $2.50 or higher.

Roll Over Alert

Symbol – SVXY

March 17 Expiration Buy 134 Call Sell 137 Call 2.50 Or Lower – Filled at 2.20

Roll to

Symbol SVXY

April 7 Expiration Sell 136 Call Buy 139 Call 2.50 Or Higher

You can Roll both sides at same time for [par] or credit..but no debit. 


March 10, 2017

If you didn’t get filled on the SPY spread yesterday – you can try again today – but do NOT go below $.25

March 9, 2017

New Order Filled at $.28

SPY Bull Put Spread March 17 Expiration Sell 232.50 Put Buy 228.50 Put $.28 or higher to open GTC

March 9, 2017

New Order –  Filled

Googl – Ticker

Iron Condor Spread – please enter both sides together as GTC order.

April 7 Expiration – Filled at $.71 and most fills are coming in between $.74 and $.70.

Bear Call Spread 880 Call Sell 882.50 Call Buy

Bull Put Spread 820 Put Sell 817.50 Put Buy

Total Credit .70 Cents to open GTC

Risk = $2.50 – $.70 Credit

Profit Potential = $.70

March 2, 2017

New Order Filled at $.87

SVXY – Ticker

March 17 Expiration Sell 134 Call Buy 137 Call $.75 to open GTC

Risk $2.25

February 27, 2017

Filled on the trade are coming near limit price. 

Cancel Amazon Iron Condor Spread and place new spread below March 17 Expiration – Filled at $1.01Iron Condor Spread

885 Call [Buy] 880 Call [Sell]

805 Put [Sell]

800 Put [Buy]

$1.00 or greater to sell side – credit to open

GTC order leave in system.

Risk $4.00 per Iron Condor


February 24, 2017

Cancel Amazon order and place new order below. Leave it in the system GTC

March 17 Expiration Iron Condor Spread 885 Call [Buy] 880 Call [Sell]

795 Put [Sell] 790 Put [Buy] $1.10 or Higher to open GTC

Risk on trade $4.00 per contract for entire iron condor spread.

February 23, 2017

Liquidate SVXY Spread – Filled at $.88 expiration Feb 24 Buy 125 Call Sell 129 Call $.90 

New Order – Iron Condor [Cancel Order and Place New Order Above] AMZN March 17 Expiration sell 895 Call Buy 900 Call and AMZN March 17 Expiration Sell 802.50 Put Buy 797.50 Put

Credit $1.00 to open GTC

February 22, 2017

We were filled on the SPY trade yesterday and I’m going to leave SVXY alone for the next day, since I’m anticipating volatility will pick up. If you were not filled on SPY trade yesterday, I recommend you increase the debit to $1.10 – $1.20

February 21, 2017

Roll Over SPY Credit Spread – I intend to turn this into an iron condor and collect more premium from Put side but I don’t want to initiate both calls and puts at same time. I want to wait for market to show some weakness before moving into Puts.

Roll Over SPY Spread – Filled at $1.00  ticker SPY Expiration – Feb. 24 Buy 229.50 Call Sell 233 Call 3.20 Debit

New Spread Expiraton March 17 Sell 234 Call Buy 238 Credit 2.20

Filled at $1.00 Debit – as one spread. [ Keep in mind we intend to intiate bull put spread when stocks trade lower to pick up more premium]

You can either enter each side separately or initiate both sides together [selling credit spread and buying new credit spread] for $1.00 debit or you can first liquidate the first spread and then enter the second spread.

February 14, 2017

Liquidation Alert – Fills are coming in between $1.05 and $1.15 at this time. 

LRXC Bear Call Spread

Buy 115 Call

Sell 120 Call

Expiration Feb 17

$1.30 or lower today only

February 10, 2017

Cancel February 24 SPY iron condor order and enter the following credit spread instead. We will “leg into” the bull put spread and turn it into an iron condor spread after the market sells off in coming days.

Expiration Feb 24

SPY – Ticker – Fills are coming in at $2.00 – $2.10

Sell 229.50 Call

Buy 233 Call

$2.00 to sell side to open GTC

Change SVXY order Cancel Iron Condor and enter the following order

Expiration Feb 24 – Filled at $2.06 very quickly – fills are coming in between $2.11 and $2.05 Sell 125 Call Buy 129 Call $2.05 or higher to open Will enter second half of iron condor spread when price declines over next few sessions.

Roll over SPY Position – if you are not rolling over just enter the new order and ignore the liquidation. Place New order Good till cancel.

Ticker SPY Expiration Feb 10

Liquidate Existing Position –  No fill yet – Cancel Order Buy 227.50 Call Sell 230.50 Call 2.85 or lower debit

New order – no fill yet – Cancel Order Iron Condor Spread February 24 Expiration Sell 229.50 Call Buy 233.50 Call

February 24 Expiration Sell 229.50 Put Buy 225.50 Put 3.05 Credit for entire iron condor spread –  GTC – Cancel Order


February 9, 2017

If you are currently holding SVXY that expires tomorrow this is a rollover. If you are not holding SVXYthat’s expiring tomorrow, then this is a new trade.

Liquidate Old Trade –  Expiration Feb, 10

SVXY – Credit Spread Buy 117 Call

Sell 120 Call

$2.85 Debit – Filled at $2.68

New Position [New Position If you are entering first time today] – No Fill Yet Leave as GTC Order. 

Iron Condor Spread – can be entered as one order to save commission.

SVXY – Ticker – Cancel Order

Credit Spread  Feb 24 Expiration – Cancel Order 123 Sell Call 127 Buy Call

117 Sell Put 113 Buy – Put Credit Spread Feb 24 Expiration

Total Credit  $3.50 Cancel Order GTC Order

February 6, 2017

New Bear Call Spread

Sell February 17, 2017  – Fills are coming back right away at $2.26 – $2.30


Sell 115 Call

Buy 120 Call

$2.25 – $2.35 GTC Order

February 3, 2017

Liquidate NFLX Iron Condor – Filled at $.34

NFLX – Feb 3 Expiration

Bear Call Spread

Buy 140 Call

Sell 143 Call

Bull Put Spread

Buy  132 Put

Sell 129 Put

$.35 or better to close


January 27, 2017 [ Tip – if you are having trouble filling 227.50 / 230.50 – please try 227/230 for a bit more premium on the sell side. 

Roll Over SPY Credit Spread for .20 to .30 cent credit – you can do it as one trade if you are rolling over.

Expiration Jan 27 Buy 226 Call Sell 228 Call $1.80 or lower GTC

New Position Bear Call Spread Expiration Feb 10 sell 227.50 call buy 230.50 call

Sell Feb 10 expiration Bull Put spread 224.50 Sell put 221.50 Buy  put

$2.10 or higher GTC for entire iron condor spread. 

January 26, 2017

Roll Over SPY Credit Spread for .20 to .30 cent credit – you can do it as one trade if you are rolling over.

Expiration Jan 27  – Filled Buy 226 Call Sell 228 Call $1.70 or lower GTC

New Position  – Filled Expiration Feb 10

Feb 10 expiration sell 227.50 call buy 230.50 call

$1.95 or higher GTC

Roll Over SVXY  – Rolled over for credit of .20 to sell side

Buy 107 Sell 109 Expiration Jan 27

1.65 or lower GTC – Filled

New Order SVXY Expiration Feb 10 Sell 117 Call Buy 120 call

1.85 or greater GTC – filled

January 23, 2017

New Iron Condor – Filled at $1.25

NFLX – Feb 3 Expiration

Bear Call Spread

Sell 140 Call

Buy 143 Call

Bull Put Spread

Sell 132 Put

Buy 129 Put

Credit of 1.25 or greater both sides together = Filled. 

Jan 19 – Roll SPY  Expiration Jan 20 226/228 Bear Call Spread – Liquidate at .60 or lower to buy side –  Debit Filled at $.60

Buy 226 call

Sell 228 call

Enter New  SPY Spread Jan 27 Expiration 226/228 Bear Call Spread – $1.10 to open to sell side – Credit – Filled at $1.10

Sell 226 call

Buy 228 call


Jan 18 – Cancel AMZN below –

Jan 27 expiration sell 827.50 call Buy 830 call Jan 27 expirationPut bull spread Sell 775 Put Buy 772.50 Put

Jan 13, 2017

Cancel SVXY Iron Condor rollover and place order below instead. I intend to leg into the bull put spread after market sells off. 

Bear Call Spread Filled at $1.15 jan 27 expiration Sell 107 Call buy 109 Call Credit to sell side $1.15 GTC


Roll Over Alert

Liquidate SVXY Bear Call Spread – Filled at $1.85 Expiration Jan 13 Sell 98 Call Buy 96 Call Debit $1.85 GTC

New Position Iron Condor No Fill on New Position Yet. Cancel

SVXY –  Cancel Expiration Jan 27 sell 111 Call Buy 113 Call combine with next order SVXY – CancelExpiration Jan 27 Sell 90.50 Put Buy 87.50 Put $2 dollars credit to sell side for both orders combined

Update – Cancel open TSLA GTC OrderJan 12 Amazon Roll Over – filled at $1.70Liquidate AMZNExpiration Jan 13Buy  797.50 Call Sell 800 Call expiration Jan 13AMZN Buy  745 Put Sell 742.50 Put

Expiration Jan 13

Net Debit $1.70

Place as one trade Iron Condor


———-Roll ToJan 27 expiration sell 827.50 call Buy 830 call Call AMZN To OpenJan 27 expirationPut bull spread Sell 775 Put Buy 772.50 Put Place as one iron condor spread Net credit $1.75 = No Fill Yet…Cancel Order  1/10/17Roll Over Jan 11 SPY .65 filledBuy 226Sell 228.65 or lower today onlyInitiate or openSPY Jan 20 ExpirationSell 226Buy 228$1.00 or higher today only – $1.02 filled1/6/17TSLA Roll oversell 222.50 Buy 225 Expiration Jan 20 $2 dollars net credit to sell side GTC [Cancel open GTC TSLA order at $2.00]1/5/17New Order Iron Condor SpreadThis order you can combine as one order for $1.00 or more.AMZN Filled at $1.16 on the entire spread together in one shot. Expiration Jan 13 sell 797.50 Call Buy 800 Call expiration Jan 13 .50 or better GTC AMZN sell 745 Put Buy 742.50 PutExpiration Jan 13 .50 or better GTC1/4/17 TSLA Roll Over Alert – I want to roll over TSLA but with earnings revisions over the past two days, we may see a bit more upside. So I want to wait for price to move a bit higher before entering new position. But I do want to liquidate the old position since it has time premium remaining. Keep in mind since both strikes are in the money, our max risk is $2.50 since each option would be exercised and cancel each other out. Liquidate TSLAExpiration Jan 6 Buy 212.50 Strike Price CallSell 215 Strike Price Call$1.90 or lower debit = Filled at $1.90 Will roll out when price moves a bit higher. 1/4/17Liquidation Alert = Filled at $.86 almost instantly. TLT Expiration Jan 6Buy 120 PutSell 117 Put1.00 or lower debit to close today only.Change Price to $1.10 and leave working till tomorrow close of session. 1/03/17New OrderSVXYExpiration Jan 13Sell 96 CallBuy 98 CallCredit of $1.25 or better today only