Filled on AXP at $97.65 / JULY 97.5 Call Filled at $3.90 (5/4/18)

Wealthpress Report – Double Trigger Trader New Trade Idea

Ticker Symbol – AXP

Place buy stop $97.65 and if not filled by Tuesday (5/8/18) closing we will cancel the order.
If filled place protective sell stop at $95.10

If you trade Options, the following CALL Option meets our criteria:

AXP – JULY 97.5 CALL (Expiration Date July 20, 2018)

Pay less than $4.00 and and only initiate the option if the underlying asset reaches the buy price. Liquidate the option if the price of underlying asset reaches stop out price – use the underlying as proxy for the option when trading the position. If stock is filled we will post the exit price as well.