Cancel and Replace Working Order on TOL (from August 27, 2018 New Trade Alert)

Dark Pool Trader (Invisible Stock) New Trade Alert

Toll Brothers Inc (TOL) has pulled back to 50 day moving average and we’re seeing rejection of lower prices intraday.

Ticker: TOL

Let’s CANCEL and REPLACE Buy stop at $37.32 and keep the order working for 3 days until filled.

If filled place sell stop at $35.75.

Please do not work the order if no fill by Friday afternoon.

If you trade options – wait until the underlying is filled…
Buy the DEC 38 Strike Price Call that expires on December 21, 2018 – only buy the option if the stock gets filled and liquidate the option if the stop loss gets filled – we are using the option as a proxy for the stock. Pay no more than $2.50 for the DEC 38 Call option.