Filled on the TOL DEC 35 Strike Price CALL Option at $3.70 while underlying was at $36.85

Dark Pool Trader (Invisible Stock) New Trade Alert

Toll Brothers Inc (TOL) has pulled back to 50 day moving average and balanced for 3 days closing near the high of day yesterday setting up another buying opportunity.

Ticker: TOL

Let’s place a Buy stop at $36.85 and keep the order working for 3 days until filled.

If filled place sell stop at $35.60.

Please do not work the order if no fill by Friday afternoon.

If you trade options – wait until the underlying is filled…
Buy the DEC 35 Strike Price Call that expires on December 21, 2018 – only buy the option if the stock gets filled and liquidate the option if the stop loss gets filled – we are using the option as a proxy for the stock. Pay no more than $3.80 for the option.